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Kamala, the Ugandan Giant Retires; The Rock Returns to “Raw”

The man known as Kamala, the Ugandan Giant, has been forced into retirement due to diabetes and other medical issues which necessitated the amputation of his left foot.

Kamala Ugandan Giant

Not to burst any bubbles, but his real name is not Kamala, but Jim Harris and is not from Uganda, but Senatobia, Mississippi. He picked cotton and drove a truck, moved to Michigan where he met Bobo Brazil who suggested he try wrestling and sent him to a friend Tiny Tim Hampton who would eventually train him.

He debut in 1978 but later traveled to England to hone his skills. Upon his return to the US he met Jerry Jarrett and Jerry Lawler who suggested, given his size (400 lbs.), he become an African chieftain named Kamala, with a painted face and body.

His greatest run of popularity came when he joined the WWE in 1984 and feuded with Andre the Giant. He left after a year but returned for another run (1986-87) where he faced some of the WWE’s biggest stars such as Hulk Hogan and Jake the Snake Roberts.

He eventually had briefs stints in the ECW and WCW until he turned to the indy circuit in 2002.

Aunt Thelma cancelled her “Ladies Night Bridge Tournament” (and at her age we mean teeth) to watch Monday’s “Raw” and was thrilled to see the Rock and the return of Mick Foley. As expected the Rock received a mega-ovation and talked-up Sunday’s “Survivor Series.” As a matter of fact he had more to say than in most of his movies. Just kiddin’ big guy.

Anyway, Cena joined him in the ring and the seeds of dissension were planted. Neither one looked at each other and both insulted the other. This lack of team spirit will no doubt cost them next Sunday when they will lose to R-Truth and the Miz, setting up a singles match at “Mania.

With the expiration of the 90 day non-wrestling clause in their WWE contracts Chris Masters, David Hart Smith, Melina and Vlad Kozlov are now free to sign with any organization. Helloooo TNA!!