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Bye George as Ex-WWE Diva Stacy Keibler Spilts With Clooney

It’s been a few months since my last post. You see I had to take my Aunts Thelma and Louise on a cross-country vacation using their 1944 Woodie. Not the most reliable car for such a journey hence it took a few months to get them home.

Now with all the news we missed they asked I start with news that’s dear to their hearts (although it happened a few weeks ago) as they found out their heart-throb George Clooney is back in circulation and they are thanking ex-WWE Diva Stacy Keibler for this development.

Apparently Stacy broke off her two-year relationship with George but only rumors as to why.

One is that George would not propose marriage and start a family. This of course would not be a problem if he dates my aunts.

And then there’s a rumor that George was interested in actress Eva Longoria after they met in Germany last March. This of course would be a major problem for my aunts.

And finally, some say Stacy simply wanted to move on.

Now not to fret over Stacy’s decision as she has certainly gained quite a bit of status and financial rewards with her involvement with the handsome star.

She is reported to be getting $6,000 per twit on her Twitter site. Her price for personal appearances have jumped from 5K to 40K per appearance and she now hosts (as of July 22) a show “Supermarket Superstars.”

PS Well, since she and George are finished rumors have sprung up of her possible return to the WWE. Both sides have denied it which makes it the more possible!

Ex-WWE Diva Stacy Keibler To Host Reality Show

As Mel Brooks once said in “History of the World Part II,” “It’s nice to be king.” Well, ex-WWE diva Stacy Keibler might say it somewhat differently than Mel as in “It’s nice have a Hollywood star for a beau.”

Stacy Keibler

You see Stacy will host a new reality show called “Supermarket Superstars.” Now we’re not saying George Clooney (her boyfriend) had anything to do with her getting this show but you have to admit being his beau didn’t hurt.

The series will feature aspiring food entrepreneurs pitching their food-product inventions to a panel of industry experts, with the ultimate victor receiving a nationwide launch in a major grocery-store chain.

The panelists will act as mentors to the contestants, offering their critiques as the competitors hone their ideas before presenting their concepts to a top supermarket buyer. Do you think George might join the panel? Then again when do you think Stacy and George last shopped at a supermarket?

The series, which has been picked up for 10 episodes by Lifetime, is produced by the Weinstein Company (also responsible for the similarly structured “Project Runway”) and Studio Lambert (“Undercover Boss”).

And speaking of it being nice to be king, how about it being nice to be senator? Well, former WWE CEO Linda McMahon will get that chance.

The chance came when this past Tuesday Linda beat Chris Shays in a primary to win the Republican nomination for the Connecticut Senate seat vacated by Joe Lieberman.

Now Linda faces Democrat Chris Murphy in November with a chance to be the first Republican senator in three decades. It would be more exciting if they met in a steel cage match, the winner goes to Washington! Oh well, it was a thought.

A reminder: Saturday, Aug 18,  WOW presents “Under the Lights” at the SIBFL Football Field, 1475 South Ave., S.I. The main event features Matt Hardy vs. Jay Lethal. There’s a “Carnival Time” for fans at 4p.m. and matches begin at 7 p.m. For ticket info call (917) 903-1347 or visit www.warriorsofwrestling.com.

Another reminder: If you’re into fantasy leagues a friend of mine Rudy has started one so check it out at  www.draftteam.com.


Ex-WWE Diva Stacy Keibler and George Clooney Have an Unpleasant July 4th Experience

Celebrating the Fourth of July by having a barbecue is an American tradition. Unfortunately ex-WWE diva Stacy Keibler and her current beau George Clooney chose to forego tradition and so celebrated the holiday at a restaurant.  Alas breaking with tradition proved to be a bad choice-they suffered food poisoning!

Clooney and Keibler

Now all this happened not in the US of A but in Italy where the couple is vacationing at George’s Lake Como home. So on July 4th instead of having a traditional holiday barbecue in his backyard (which is probably larger than most American neighborhoods) George and Stacy along with some friends went to Cernobbio, a restaurant near the house.

After what was surely a meal not involving burgers and beans everyone in their party suffered some kind of food poisoning. the next day Stacy tweeted that luckily nobody had to be hospitalized and that everyone is feeling much better.

Clooney Villa on Lake Como, Italy

The restaurant manager said the food served to them was not  the cause of the food poisoning. And  what else would you expect him to say. Like he’ll admit yes, the food was bad. or it must have been something they ate for lunch.

Hopefully the manager didn’t charge George and his party for the meal and instead gave them a coupon for a free dinner next time around.

If only George and Stacy’s guest had gone to my Aunts Thelma and Louise’s “Baked beans and Burger” barbecue they would have had a much happier time-and a safer one.

One final thought: maybe George and Stacy went out to eat because they never got around to buying a grill!


Former WCW Star Marcus “Buff” Bagwell Helps an Old High School Teammate

Marcus “Buff” Bagwell returned to high school. And it was not to get his diploma but to help his old teammate.

Buff Bagwell

He was the star attraction (with Big Poppa Pump) at the Sprayberry High School football fundraiser in Mayetta, Georgia. And why should the former 5 time WCW tag champ wrestle at this event? Glad you asked. Because it’s Bagwell’s alma mater and the football coach happens to be his old teammate.

Bagwell looked in great shape for a guy who debut in the WCW in 1991 (and named Rookie of the Year) and became one of their biggest stars eventually joining Hulk Hogan’s nWo group. He had runs in the WWE and retired from a brief stint with TNA in 2006 to go into the indy circuit.

As to still maintaining that physique he said “When your name is “Buff” you better look the part.

The event was a huge success thanks to his appearance and it shows you some guys in spite of stardom never forget from whence they came.

Clooney and Keibler at the 2012 Oscars

And although George Clooney didn’t win the Oscar in the category of Best Actor he would have won one if they had a category of Best-Looking Couple.

Why? Glad you asked. Because George showed up to the gala event with ex-WWE diva Stacy Keibler on his arm. She wowed the folks with a gold evening gown and apparently their budding romance is still in bloom.

And speaking of Hollywood, the Rock is reported to be in the running for the lead in a new film “Hercules.” They would save money by hiring him because then they wouldn’t need any stunt men.

WWE 2012 Hall of Fame Inductees: Mexican Legend Mils Mascaras, the Four Horsemen and Edge

The WWE announced its latest inductees to the 2012 Hall of Fame. The class of 2012 has current WWE star Edge, the Mexican superstar Mil Mascaras  and, in a rarity, an entire group is set to enter-the Four Horsemen.

Mil Mascaras

The Four Horsemen debut in 1986 with Ric Flair, Ole and Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard managed by JJ Dillon. Within a year the Horsemen changed to include Barry Windham and Lex Luger and for the next twenty years took on many different “Horsemen.”

But for the purposes of WWE Hall of Fame apparently they will use Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham and manager JJ Dillon.

Ole Anderson recently said in an interview about not being included in the group for induction: “Me and Vince don’t like each other so it’s no surprise to me.”

It will be Flair’s unique distinction to have been inducted twice, as himself and now as a “Horsemen.”

Mascaras, known as “The Man of a Thousand Masks” (and me with only three) is a legend of Mexico having debut in 1965 in Guadalajara and gradually his popularity rose to such heights that he starred in a string of movies based on his character. He had great feuds with Mick Foley and Superstar Billy Graham. During his career he was never unmasked in the ring!

Edge although a great star in my opinion his selection should have been postponed for a few years. At least until some other memorable WWE stars such as Yokozuna and the most glaring omission Macho Man Randy Savage.

Clooney and Keibler at the Golden Globes

Stone Cold Steve Austin recently gave a hint as to when you can expect to see him wrestle again in the ring. he said “If I have one more match you can count on Jim Ross being behind the mike.”

George Clooney was at Sunday’s Golden Globe awards (he won best actor) with exWWE diva Stacy Keibler. Looks like the romance is still cookin.’

Ex-WWE Diva Torrie Wilson Dating New York Yankees’ Superstar Alex Rodriquez

Even if you retire from the ring sometimes those competitive juices still flow outside the ring. That appears to be the case for ex-WWE diva Torrie Wilson.

Torrie Wilson and ARod

Most know by now that ex-WWE diva Stacy Keibler is dating superstar actor George Clooney. Well, apparently Torrie is also dating and not to be outdone by her former ring foe. She’s coupling with another big superstar:  New York Yankees’  Alex Rodriquez!

A-Rod has recently spilt with actress Cameron Diaz and perhaps in dealing with this romantic spilt has sought the bear hugs (and maybe kisses) of Wilson.

The rumored dating began this past week when she was in Boise, Idaho visiting her family for the Christmas holidays. And guess who also was spotted in Boise? Yep, Alex. And let’s face it folks, Boise is not exactly a hot tourist spot unless you’re attracted to potato picking and we doubt he was there attracted by picking  potatoes. So we figure he was attracted to seeing Ms. Wilson.

He was seen working out at Axiom Gym in Boise and Ms. Wilson happens to be the 1998 Miss Galaxy Fitness winner. Not to mention she once appeared in the 2004 issue of Playboy. Coincidence? We think not.

A-Rod also happened to be photographed earlier this year in Miami riding a bike with-yep Ms. Wilson. So it is apparent they have had an ongoing relationship which is heating up if Alex was in Boise to meet the parents. So talk about playing the “hot corner” Alex may take that expression to a new level.

There is also speculation that A-Rod and Torrie spent some time in Mexico with Clooney and Keibler, no doubt going over the divas past greatest matches.

And speaking of matches, what if these two couples are still dating in April and Vince sees the possibility of booking the greatest mixed tag team match in Wrestlemania history-Wilson and A-Rod vs. Clooney and Keibler in a steel cage!

Well, before we go we want to say Happy New Year to all and be careful partying or you might find yourself like Uncle Elmer, waking up with a tatoo saying “With Love, Maurice!”

TNA’s Jeff Hardy “Fought the Law and the Law Won”

TNA’s Jeff Hardy has pleaded guilty to three counts of felony drug charges in Moore County, North Carolina stemming from an arrest in his home in 2009.

He pled guilty to two counts of “intent to distribute a controlled substance” and one count of “conspiracy to traffic in a compound containing opium.”

As part of his plea bargain agreement he will spend 10 days in jail, pay a $100,000 fine and be placed on a 30 month probation period which if he violates the punishment will be quite severe.

So another Hardy boy (brother Matt already being fired from TNA for a run-in with the law) fought the law and the law won.

Last Thursday he appeared on “Impact” and apologized to the fans, asking for “one more chance.” Apparently the audience was in a forgiving mood as they shouted back “one more chance.”

Kurt Angle tweeted that he’s signed a three-year extension with TNA.

And at last Saturday night’s Toronto International Film Festival, which premiered George Clooney’s new movie “Ides of March,” guess who George brought to the theatre as a guest? No not Aunt Louise but Stacy Keibler! As previously posted, the ex-WWE diva and George were and obviously still are an “item.” Think they sat in the back and smooched?

The “live” broadcast of “Smackdown!” scored a 3 (one point equals a million viewers)  on the SyFy network. That rating beat both Fox and CW networks for the time slot for first time ever. So rumor has the WWE may move the show to Tuesday permanently.

Local group makes good:  The IWF (Independent Wresting Federation) which is based in Woodland Park, N.J., had its champion Flex Freeman sign with the big boys (WWE). He’ll travel in November to begin training at their developmental camp in Florida.

Once She Danced with The Stars, Now She Dates Them

You remember Stacy Keibler? She was the sexy ex-WWE diva who later appeared on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Well, if you’re wondering what she’s doing now how about “Dating with the Stars.” No it’s not a new show, but it’s a new adventure as she is actually dating a sexy Hollywood mega-star-and that be none other than sexy George Clooney.

The two are apparently not being too secretive about their friendship as Stacy was seen in Malibu wearing some revealing bikinis (aren’t all bikinis revealing?) for a photo shoot. Also, she was caught on video pulling into George’s abode in Studio City, Cal. and was not videoed exiting in the same day.

Now wouldn’t it be great if George said he first became enamored of her watching WWE events. Or better yet how about the WWE brings Stacy back and have George “the Hunk” Clooney as her manager. Oh well, to dream the impossible dream.

Inside the rumor mill we have the possible return of the Undertaker by October. We also hear he may be sporting a dome-look-as in bald! If true, pity the barber when he walked into the shop.

Moving to the amateur ranks, did you see the “flying squirrel” move at the recent Junior World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

A caution to the pros: trying this “flying squirrel” move will prove you’re “nuts!”

– The Slammer!