Former WCW Star Marcus “Buff” Bagwell Helps an Old High School Teammate

Marcus “Buff” Bagwell returned to high school. And it was not to get his diploma but to help his old teammate.

Buff Bagwell

He was the star attraction (with Big Poppa Pump) at the Sprayberry High School football fundraiser in Mayetta, Georgia. And why should the former 5 time WCW tag champ wrestle at this event? Glad you asked. Because it’s Bagwell’s alma mater and the football coach happens to be his old teammate.

Bagwell looked in great shape for a guy who debut in the WCW in 1991 (and named Rookie of the Year) and became one of their biggest stars eventually joining Hulk Hogan’s nWo group. He had runs in the WWE and retired from a brief stint with TNA in 2006 to go into the indy circuit.

As to still maintaining that physique he said “When your name is “Buff” you better look the part.

The event was a huge success thanks to his appearance and it shows you some guys in spite of stardom never forget from whence they came.

Clooney and Keibler at the 2012 Oscars

And although George Clooney didn’t win the Oscar in the category of Best Actor he would have won one if they had a category of Best-Looking Couple.

Why? Glad you asked. Because George showed up to the gala event with ex-WWE diva Stacy Keibler on his arm. She wowed the folks with a gold evening gown and apparently their budding romance is still in bloom.

And speaking of Hollywood, the Rock is reported to be in the running for the lead in a new film “Hercules.” They would save money by hiring him because then they wouldn’t need any stunt men.

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